Übersetzung von “commission” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun commission /kəˈmɪʃən/
countable a group whose job is to find an answer to a problem or a question
commission feminine

The Commission for Racial Equality
la Commission pour l'égalité raciale
countable-uncountable money earned by a salesperson for each sale
commission feminine

She earns a 20% commission.
Elle reçoit une commission de 20%.
on commission
paid by commission
à la commission

All staff are on commission.
Tout le personnel est payé à la commission.
countable a request to create a piece of art
commande feminine

a new commission to paint pictures for the restaurant
une nouvelle commande pour peindre des tableaux pour le restaurant
out of commission
not working properly
hors service

The cash machine was out of commission.
Le distributeur de billets était hors service.


verb transitive commission /kəˈmɪʃən/
to request sb to create a piece of art
passer (une) commande à

She commissioned him to paint her portrait.
Elle lui a passé commande de peindre son portrait.

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money earned by a person who sells things for someone else.


an order for a work of art

a commission to paint the president’s portrait.

an official paper giving authority, especially to an army officer etc

My son got his commission last year.

an official group appointed to report on a specific matter

a commission of enquiry.
commissionaire /-ˈneə/ noun

a doorkeeper in uniform

chasseur, portier
the commissionaire at the cinema.
commissioner noun

a representative of the government in a district or department.

in/out of commission

in, or not in, a usable, working condition.

en/hors de service



to give a military commission to.

nommer à un commandement

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