Übersetzung von “commit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb commit /kəˈmɪt/ ( committing, committed)
transitive to do sth illegal or wrong

to commit a crime/sin
commettre un crime/péché

to commit murder
commettre un meurtre
commit adultery
to have sex with sb who is not your wife or husband
commettre un adultère
commit suicide
to intentionally kill yourself
se suicider
transitive-intransitive to promise to do sth
s'engager à

She has committed herself to playing thirteen concerts.
Elle s'est engagée à jouer treize concerts.

I can't commit to that.
Je ne peux pas m'engager à ça.
transitive to decide that sth will be used for a particular purpose

The government is committing more troops to the region.
Le gouvernement assigne davantage de troupes à la région.
intransitive to say you will have a relationship with one person only

too young to commit
trop jeune pour s'engager

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verb /kəˈmit/ (past tense past participle committed)

to perform; to do (especially something illegal)

He committed the murder when he was drunk.

to hand over (a person) to an institution etc for treatment, safekeeping etc

faire interner

to put (oneself) under a particular obligation

s’engager (à)
She has committed herself to looking after her dead brother’s children till the age of 18.
commitment noun


She could not take the job because of family commitments.
committal noun

the act of committing (to an institution).

committed adjective

pledged to do, or to support, something

engagé (à)
He was committed to looking after his uncle
He is a committed socialist.

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