Übersetzung von “communicate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbcommunicate /kəˈmyunɪˌkeɪt/
intransitive to talk or exchange information with others

family members communicating with each other by email
les membres de la famille communiquent entre eux par e-mail

to communicate through signs and expressions
communiquer au travers de signes et d'expressions
transitive-intransitive to express thoughts so that others can understand

couples who do not communicate well
des couples qui communiquent mal

She communicates her passion to the readers of her poems.
Elle communique sa passion aux lecteurs de ses poèmes.

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verb /kəˈmjuːnikeit/

to tell (information etc)

She communicated the facts to him.

to get in touch (with)

communiquer (avec)
It’s difficult to communicate with her now that she has left the country.
communication noun

(an act, or means, of) conveying information

Communication is difficult in some remote parts of the country.

a piece of information given, a letter etc

I received your communication in this morning’s post.
communications noun plural

means of sending messages or of transporting (eg troops and supplies).

communicative /-tiv/ adjective

(negative uncommunicative) talkative; sociable

She’s not very communicative this morning.
communication cord

a chain etc in a railway carriage, to be pulled in an emergency.

signal d’alarme
communications satellite noun

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