Übersetzung von “company” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncompany /ˈkʌmpəni/ ( plural companies )
countable a business that makes or sells sth
compagnie feminine , société feminine , entreprise feminine

He works for a huge company.
Il travaille pour une grosse compagnie/société/entreprise

computer/oil/insurance/cosmetics companies
des sociétés informatiques / compagnies pétrolières / d'assurances / entreprises cosmétiques
uncountable the fact of having sb with you so you are not lonely
compagnie feminine

She called her sister because she needed company.
Elle a appelé sa sœur parce qu'elle avait besoin de compagnie.
keep sb company
to stay with sb
tenir compagnie à qqn

I'll come over and keep you company.
Je vais venir te tenir compagnie.
uncountable a guest or guests
compagnie feminine

I didn't realize you had company.
Je n'avais pas réalisé que tu avais de la visite.
countable a group of actors or dancers
compagnie feminine

a theater/dance company
une compagnie de théâtre/danse

when the company was on tour
quand la compagnie était en tournée

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noun /ˈkampəni/ (plural companies)

a number of people joined together for a (commercial) purpose

a glass-manufacturing company.


de la visite
I’m expecting company tonight.


I was grateful for her company
She’s always good company.

a group of companions

He got into bad company.

a large group of soldiers, especially part of an infantry battalion.

keep (someone) company

to go, stay etc with (someone)

tenir compagnie à qqn
I’ll come too, and keep you company.
part company (with)

to leave or separate

(se) quitter
They parted company (with each other) at the bus stop.

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