Übersetzung von “compensate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb compensate /ˈkɒmpənˌseɪt/
intransitive =make up for; to balance sth negative with sth positive

Learn to compensate for weaknesses in your learning style.
Apprends à compenser les points faibles dans ta manière d'apprendre.
transitive to pay sb for loss, damage, etc.
dédommager , indemniser

happy to compensate him for the damage
heureux de le dédommager pour les dégâts

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verb /ˈkompənseit/

to give money to (someone) or to do something else to make up for loss or wrong they have experienced

This payment will compensate (her) for the loss of her job.

to undo the effect of a disadvantage etc

The love the child received from his grandmother compensated for the cruelty of his parents.
compensatory /kəmˈpensətəri/ adjective

compen- sateur
compensation noun

payment etc given for loss or injury

He received a large sum of money as compensation when he was injured at work.

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