Übersetzung von “compete” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitive compete /kəmˈpit/
to try to win or to be better than sb

twenty people competing in the boat race
vingt personnes rivalisant dans la course d'aviron

to compete for the title
se disputer le titre

companies competing with each other for the market share
des entreprises rivalisant l'une avec l'autre pour la part de marché

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verb /kəmˈpiːt/

to try to beat others in a contest, fight etc

rivaliser (avec)
We are competing against them in the next round
Are you competing with her for the job?
competition /kompəˈtiʃən/ noun

the act of competing; rivalry

Competition makes children try harder.

people competing for a prize etc

There’s a lot of competition for this job.

a contest for a prize

concours, compétition
Have you entered the tennis competition?
competitive /kəmˈpetətiv/ adjective

(of a person) enjoying competition

qui a l’esprit de compétition
a competitive child.

(of a price etc) not expensive, therefore able to compete successfully with the prices etc of rivals.


(of sport etc) organised in such a way as to produce a winner

de compétition
I prefer hill-climbing to competitive sports.
competitor /kəmˈpetitə/ noun

a person etc who takes part in a competition; a rival

All the competitors finished the race.

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