Die Übersetzung von "compete" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /kəmˈpiːt/

to try to beat others in a contest, fight etc

rivaliser (avec)
We are competing against them in the next round
Are you competing with her for the job?
competition /kompəˈtiʃən/ noun

the act of competing; rivalry

Competition makes children try harder.

people competing for a prize etc

There’s a lot of competition for this job.

a contest for a prize

concours, compétition
Have you entered the tennis competition?
competitive /kəmˈpetətiv/ adjective

(of a person) enjoying competition

qui a l’esprit de compétition
a competitive child.

(of a price etc) not expensive, therefore able to compete successfully with the prices etc of rivals.


(of sport etc) organised in such a way as to produce a winner

de compétition
I prefer hill-climbing to competitive sports.
competitor /kəmˈpetitə/ noun

a person etc who takes part in a competition; a rival

All the competitors finished the race.

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