Übersetzung von “condemn” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive condemn /kənˈdɛm/
to express strong disapproval

Police condemned the attacks.
La police a condamné les attaques.
to give punishment

to condemn him to death
le condamner à mort
to state officially that a building must be knocked down
vouer à la démolition , déclarer inhabitable

Officials condemned the school.
L'administration a voué l'école à la démolition.

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verb /kənˈdem/

to criticize as morally wrong or evil

Everyone condemned her for being cruel to her child.

to sentence to (a punishment)

condamner (à)
She was condemned to death.

to declare (a building) to be unfit to use

These houses have been condemned.
condemnation /kondemˈneiʃən/ noun

condemned cell

a cell for a prisoner under sentence of death.

cellule des condamnés

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