Übersetzung von “condition” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncondition /kənˈdɪʃən/
uncountable the physical state
condition feminine , état masculine

the condition of the house
l'état de la maison

in good/bad condition
en bon/mauvais état / bonne/mauvaise condition
plural the situation or environment in which sth happens
conditions feminine plural

terrible living/working conditions
de terribles conditions de vie/travail

under normal economic conditions
dans des conditions économiques normales
plural the weather at a particular time
conditions feminine plural (météorologiques)

in freezing/windy conditions
par temps de gel / par grand vent
countable a serious health problem
maladie feminine

a heart condition
une maladie du cœur
countable sth that must be true before sth else is allowed
condition feminine

the terms and conditions of the agreement
les termes et conditions du contrat
meet a condition
remplir une condition

You did not meet the conditions for a loan.
Vous ne remplissez pas les conditions pour un prêt.
on the condition that
à (la) condition que

You can go, on the condition that you are home by 11:00.
Tu peux y aller, à condition que tu sois à la maison à 11 heures.
in no condition to
too ill or upset to do sth
pas en état de

You're in no condition to get out of bed.
Tu n'es pas en état de te lever.


verb transitive condition /kənˈdɪʃən/
to make the hair softer by applying cream after washing
appliquer de l'après-shampooing

Do you condition your hair?
Est-ce que tu mets de l'après-shampooing sur tes cheveux ?
to cause behavior by gradually rewarding it over time

to condition the animals to respond to the sound
conditionner les animaux à répondre au son

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noun /kənˈdiʃən/

state or circumstances in which a person or thing is

The house is not in good condition
He is in no condition to leave hospital
under ideal conditions
living conditions
variable conditions.

something that must happen or be done before some other thing happens or is done; a term or requirement in an agreement

It was a condition of his going that he should pay his own expenses
That is one of the conditions in the agreement.
conditional adjective

depending on certain conditions

This offer of a university place is conditional on your being able to pass your final school exams
a conditional offer.
conditionally adverb

conditioner noun

something which helps in conditioning

lotion capillaire
on condition that

if, and only if (something is done)

à condition que
You will be paid tomorrow on condition that the work is finished.



to put into the required state

mis en état
The footballers trained hard in order to condition themselves for the match.

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