Übersetzung von “conduct” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbconduct /kənˈdʌkt/
transitive to do sth, usually to get information
conduire , mener

police conducting an investigation
les policiers menant une enquête

to conduct an experiment/interview
mener une expérience / conduire un entretien
transitive-intransitive to lead an orchestra, band, or singers

He conducts the high school band.
Il dirige l'orchestre du lycée.
intransitive (of material) to carry electricity
conduire , être conducteur/-trice

the current is conducted along the wires
le courant est conduit le long des fils électriques


noun uncountable conduct /ˈkɒndʌkt/ formal
sb's behavior
conduite feminine

angry at the students for their bad conduct
en colère contre les étudiants en raison de leur mauvaise conduite

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verb /kənˈdakt/

to lead or guide

We were conducted down a narrow path by the guide
He conducted the tour.

to carry or allow to flow

être conducteur de
Most metals conduct electricity.

to direct (an orchestra, choir etc).


to behave (oneself)

se conduire
He conducted himself well at the reception.

to manage or carry on (a business).

conducted tour noun

visite guidée, excursion
conduction /-ʃən/ noun

transmission of heat etc by a conductor.

conductor noun

a thing that conducts heat or electricity

Copper is a good conductor of heat.

a director of an orchestra, choir etc.

chef d’orchestre

(feminine conductress) a person who collects fares on a bus etc

a bus conductor.

(American) a guard on a train.

chef de train


the way in which something is managed, done etc

the conduct of the affair.

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