Übersetzung von “confide” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb phrasal confide in /kənˈfaɪd/
to tell sb sth because you trust them
se confier

She felt she could confide in her aunt.
Elle sentait qu'elle pouvait se confier à sa tante.

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verb /kənˈfaid/

to tell one’s private thoughts to someone

confier (à)
He confided in his brother
He confided his fears to his brother.
confidence /ˈkonfidəns/ noun

trust or belief in someone’s ability

I have great confidence in you.

belief and faith in one’s own ability

confiance en soi
She shows a great deal of confidence for her age.
confident /ˈkonfidənt/ adjective

having a great deal of trust (especially in oneself)

She is confident that she will win
a confident boy.
confidential /konfiˈdenʃəl/ adjective

secret; not to be told to others

confidential information.

trusted to keep secrets

de confiance
a confidential secretary.
confidentiality /ˈkonfidenʃiˈӕləti/ noun

caractère confidentiel
confidentially adverb

secretly; not wishing to have the information passed on to anyone else

She could not tell me what he said – he was speaking confidentially.
confiding adjective


confidingly adverb

avec confiance
in confidence

as a secret; confidentially

He told me the story in (strictest) confidence.

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