Übersetzung von “consider” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbconsider /kənˈsɪdər/
transitive-intransitive to think about carefully
réfléchir/penser à , envisager de

to consider the options
envisager les options

We're considering whether to buy a house.
Nous envisageons d'acheter une maison.

I'm considering going to Hawaii.
J'envisage d'aller à Hawaii.

They need time to consider.
Ils ont besoin de temps pour réfléchir.
transitive to think about sth in a particular way

My teacher considers it to be a good program.
Mon professeur considère que c'est un bon programme.

I was talking to him - I don't consider that flirting!
Je lui parlais, je n'appelle pas ça flirter !
transitive to think about how actions affect others
tenir compte de

I have to consider my family.
Je dois tenir compte de ma famille.
transitive to look at carefully

He sat there considering the architecture.
Il était assis là, examinant l'architecture.

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verb /kənˈsidə/

to think about (carefully)

réfléchir à
He considered their comments.

to feel inclined towards

penser à
I’m considering leaving this job.

to take into account

tenir compte de
You must consider other people’s feelings.

to regard as being

They consider him unfit for that job.
considerable adjective


considerable wealth
a considerable number of people.
considerably adverb

Considerably fewer people came than I expected.

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