Übersetzung von “consult” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb consult /kənˈsʌlt/
transitive-intransitive to discuss or ask for advice

She consulted her doctor about her symptoms.
Elle a consulté son médecin au sujet de ses symptômes.

I wanted to consult with my family.
Je voulais consulter ma famille.
transitive to look at sth for information

to consult a dictionary
consulter un dictionnaire

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verb /kənˈsalt/

to seek advice or information from

Consult your doctor
He consulted his watch
He consulted with me about what we should do next.

(of a doctor etc) to give professional advice

donner des consultations
He consults on Mondays and Fridays.
consultant noun

a person who gives professional advice

expert-conseil, experte-conseil
He is consultant to a firm of engineers
(also adjective) a consultant engineer.

a senior hospital doctor specializing in a particular branch of medicine

His condition is so serious that they have sent for the consultant
(also adjective) a consultant physician.
consultation /kon-/ noun

How much does he charge for a consultation?

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