Übersetzung von “contact” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncontact /ˈkɒntækt/
uncountable communication between people
contact masculine

I haven't been in contact with him recently.
Je n'ai pas été en contact avec lui récemment.

little contact between family members
peu de contact entre les membres de la famille
make contact with
entrer en contact avec

We finally made contact with her in Rio.
Nous sommes finalement entrés en contact avec elle à Rio.
lost contact with
perdre (le) contact avec

to lose contact with the space shuttle
perdre le contact avec la navette spatiale
uncountable a situation in which people or things touch
contact masculine

simple human contact
le simple contact humain
come into contact
entrer en/au contact

food that has come into contact with chemicals
de la nourriture qui est entrée au contact de produits chimiques
singular a situation when sb meets sb or learns about sth
contact masculine

students' first contact with philosophy
les premiers contacts des étudiants avec la philosophie
come into contact with
entrer en contact avec

when the settlers first came into contact with Native Americans
quand les colons sont pour la première fois entrés en contact avec les Indiens d'Amérique
countable sb you know who can help you
contact masculine

He has many contacts in the medical world.
Il a de nombreux contacts dans le monde médical.
countable a contact lens
lentille feminine de contact

I lost a contact.
J'ai perdu une lentille de contact.


verb transitive contact /ˈkɒntækt/
to communicate with sb

I contacted them about the job opening.
Je les ai contactés au sujet de l'offre d'emploi.

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noun /ˈkontӕkt/

physical touch or nearness

Her hands came into contact with acid
Has she been in contact with measles?


I’ve lost contact with all my old friends
We have succeeded in making (radio) contact with the ship
How can I get in contact with him?

a person with influence, knowledge etc which might be useful

I made several good contacts in London.

(a place where) a wire etc carrying electric current (may be attached)

the contacts on the battery.

a person who has been near someone with an infectious disease

contaminateur/-trice possible
We must trace all known contacts of the cholera victim.

a person or thing that provides a means of communicating with someone

His radio is his only contact with the outside world.
contact lens

a small plastic lens on the eyeball worn, instead of spectacles, to improve sight.

verre de contact

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