Übersetzung von “continue” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbcontinue /kənˈtɪnyu/ ( continuing, continued )
transitive-intransitive to keep doing or keep happening
continuer , (se) poursuivre

a class that continues through the summer
un cours qui se poursuit durant l'été

He continued to stare at me.
Il continua à me regarder fixement.

He wanted to continue with his studies.
Il voulait poursuivre ses études.
transitive-intransitive to start after stopping
reprendre , poursuivre

She paused and then continued.
Elle fit une pause puis poursuivit.

He struggled to continue his speech after the interruption.
Il peina à reprendre son discours après l'interruption.
intransitive to go farther in the same direction

The road continues to the east.
La route continue vers l'est.

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verb /kənˈtinjuː/

to go on being, doing etc; to last or keep on

She continued to run
They continued running
He will continue in his present job
The noise continued for several hours
The road continues for 150 kilometres.

to go on (with) often after a break or pause

He continued his talk after the interval
This story is continued on p.53.
continual adjective

very frequent; repeated many times

continual interruptions.
continually adverb

sans cesse
continuation noun

the act of continuing, often after a break or pause

the continuation of his studies.

something which carries on, especially a further part of a story etc

This is a continuation of what he said last week.
continuity /kon-/ noun

the state of being continuous or logically related

It is important to children to have some continuity in their education.

the detailed arrangement of the parts of a story etc for a film script etc.

continuous adjective

joined together, or going on, without interruption

a continuous series
continuous rain
continuous movement.
continuously adverb

It rained continuously all day.
continual means frequent, again and again. continuous means non-stop, without interruption.

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