Übersetzung von “contract” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablecontract /ˈkɒntrækt/
a written legal agreement between people
contrat masculine

to sign a contract
signer un contrat

She was offered a two-year contract with the company.
On lui a offert un contrat de deux ans avec l'entreprise.

the terms of the contract
les termes du contrat


verbcontract /kənˈtrækt/
intransitive ≠expand; to become smaller
se contracter

The rubber ring will contract in cool water.
La bouée va se contracter dans l'eau froide.
transitive-intransitive to hire sb or be hired to do sth
(s') engager

We contracted to deliver the bricks.
Nous avons été engagés pour livrer les briques.
transitive to get a disease or illness

to contract malaria
contracter la malaria

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verb /kənˈtrӕkt/

to make or become smaller, less, shorter, tighter etc

Metals expand when heated and contract when cooled
‘I am’ is often contracted to ‘I’m’
Muscles contract.

/American ˈkontrakt/ to promise legally in writing

s’engager (par contrat) (à)
They contracted to supply us with cable.

to become infected with (a disease)

He contracted malaria.

to promise (in marriage).

contraction /-ʃən/ noun

an act of contracting

contraction of metals
contraction of muscles.

a word shortened in speech or spelling

‘I’m’ is a contraction of ‘I am’.
contractor noun

a person or firm that promises to do work or supply goods at a fixed rate

a building contractor.

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