Übersetzung von “contrary” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivecontrary /ˈkɒntrɛri/
conflicting or opposing

the contrary view/opinion
l'opinion contraire

contrary to expectations
contraire à toute attente
contrary to popular belief
indicates a statement, fact, etc. is not what most people think
contrairement à ce qu'on peut croire

Contrary to popular belief, climate change is not responsible for the flooding.
Contrairement à ce qu'on peut croire, le changement climatique n'est pas responsable des crues.


nouncontrary /ˈkɒntrɛri/
the contrary
singular the opposite
le contraire
on the contrary
au contraire

"Is he rich?" "On the contrary - he has huge debts."
"Est-il riche ?" "Au contraire, il a d'énormes dettes."
to the contrary
qui dit le contraire

We have heard, despite rumors to the contrary, that she resigned.
Nous avons entendu dire, en dépit des rumeurs affirmant le contraire, qu'elle a démissionné.

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adjective /ˈkontrəri/

(often with to) opposite (to) or in disagreement (with)

contraire (à); contrairement (à)
That decision was contrary to my wishes
Contrary to popular belief he is an able politician.
on the contrary

the very opposite (is true)

au contraire
‘Are you busy?’ ‘No, on the contrary, I’m not doing anything at the moment.’


adjective /kənˈtreəri/

obstinate; unreasonable.

contrariness noun

esprit de contradiction

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