Übersetzung von “contrast” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncontrast /ˈkɒntræst/
countable-uncountable ≠similarity; a difference or distinction between people or things
contraste masculine

the contrast between his public and private life
le contraste entre sa vie publique et sa vie privée
by/in contrast to
par/en contraste avec

His views were sharply in contrast to her own.
Ses opinions étaient nettement en contraste avec les siennes.
uncountable the difference between shades of color or light
contraste masculine

adding contrast with darker colors
ajoutant du contraste avec des couleurs plus foncées


verbcontrast /kənˈtræst, ˈkɒntræst/
transitive to compare two things to show a contrast
faire ressortir le contraste

Compare and contrast the two main characters in the story.
Comparez et faites ressortir le contraste entre les deux principaux personnages dans l'histoire.
intransitive to be noticeably different

His enthusiasm for life contrasts with her pessimism.
Son goût pour la vie contraste avec son pessimisme.

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verb /kənˈtraːst/

to show marked difference from

contraster (avec)
His words contrast with his actions.

to compare so as to show differences

mettre en contraste
Contrast fresh and frozen vegetables and you’ll find the fresh ones taste better.


a thing or person that shows a marked difference (to another)

She’s a complete contrast to her sister.

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