Übersetzung von “contribute” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbcontribute /kənˈtrɪbyut/
transitive-intransitive to give sth to help
apporter sa contribution , donner

to contribute a few dollars toward the cost
il a contribué à la dépense de quelques dollars

I'm happy to contribute to this kind of project.
Je suis heureux d'apporter ma contribution à ce type de projet.
intransitive to be part of the reason why sth happened

Heavy rain contributed to the plane's landing problems.
La pluie diluvienne a contribué aux problèmes d'atterrissage de l'avion.
transitive-intransitive to write articles for a newspaper, magazine, etc.
écrire pour

She often contributes to the paper.
Elle écrit souvent pour ce journal.

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verb /kənˈtribjut/

to give (money, help etc) along with others

Have you contributed (any money) to this charity?
I’ve been contributing (articles) to this paper for many years.

(with to) to help to cause to happen

contribuer à
His gambling contributed to his downfall.
contribution /kon-/ noun

the act of contributing.


something contributed, especially money

Would you like to make a contribution to this charity?
contributor noun

donateur/-trice; collaborateur/-trice

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