Übersetzung von “control” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncontrol /kənˈtroʊl/
uncountable the power or authority to make sth happen
autorité feminine , contrôle masculine

The manager has no control over the situation.
Le directeur n'a aucun contrôle sur la situation.
in control of
responsable/maître de

Who's in control of advertising?
Qui est responsable de la publicité ?

in control of your emotions
maître de ses émotions
under control
being controlled
sous contrôle

Please keep your dogs under control.
Veuillez vous faire obéir de vos chiens.

We have the situation under control.
Nous avons la situation bien en main.
out of control
not able to be controlled
incontrôlable (adj)

a teenager who is completely out of control
un adolescent qui est complètement incontrôlable
take control
to begin to control
prendre le contrôle

The army took control of the refugee camp.
L'armée a pris le contrôle du camp de réfugiés.
lose control
to not be able to control
perdre le contrôle de

a teacher who has lost control of her students
un professeur qui a perdu le contrôle de ses étudiants
countable-uncountable an official limit or restriction
contrôle masculine , régulation feminine

the control of hazardous substances
le contrôle / la régulation des substances dangereuses
countable a switch on a machine for operating it
bouton masculine

the control switch
the controls
plural instruments for operating a machine or vehicle
les commandes feminine plural

a young soldier at the controls
un jeune soldat aux commandes


verb transitive control /kənˈtroʊl/ ( controlling, controlled)
to have authority or power over
contrôler , maîtriser

islands in the Pacific controlled by France
des îles dans le Pacifique sous le contrôle de la France

to control your own destiny
maîtriser sa propre destinée
to make sth run or operate

A computer controls the lighting.
Un ordinateur contrôle l'éclairage.
=regulate; to limit or restrict sth bad
contrôler , maîtriser , réguler

a company trying to control their costs
une entreprise essayant de maîtriser ses dépenses

unable to control your anger
incapable de maîtriser sa colère

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noun /kənˈtrəul/

the right of directing or of giving orders; power or authority

pouvoir; autorité
She has control over all the decisions in that department
She has no control over that dog.

the act of holding back or restraining

contrôle, maîtrise de soi
control of prices
I know you’re angry but you must not lose control (of yourself).

(often in plural ) a lever, button etc which operates (a machine etc)

The clutch and accelerator are foot controls in a car.

a point or place at which an inspection takes place

passport control.
controller noun

a person or thing that controls

an air-traffic controller.
control-tower noun

a building at an airport from which take-off and landing instructions are given.

tour de contrôle
in control (of)

in charge (of)

maître de
She is very much in control (of the situation).
out of control

not under the authority or power of someone

fou, déchaîné
The brakes failed and the car went out of control
Those children are completely out of control (= wild and disobedient).
under control

bien en main
Keep your dog under control!
Everything’s under control now.


verb (past tense, past participle controlled)

to hold back; to restrain (oneself or one’s emotions etc)

(se) maîtriser
Control yourself!

to keep to a fixed standard

The government is controlling prices.

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