Die Übersetzung von "control" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /kənˈtrəul/

the right of directing or of giving orders; power or authority

pouvoir; autorité
She has control over all the decisions in that department
She has no control over that dog.

the act of holding back or restraining

contrôle, maîtrise de soi
control of prices
I know you’re angry but you must not lose control (of yourself).

(often in plural ) a lever, button etc which operates (a machine etc)

The clutch and accelerator are foot controls in a car.

a point or place at which an inspection takes place

passport control.
controller noun

a person or thing that controls

an air-traffic controller.
control-tower noun

a building at an airport from which take-off and landing instructions are given.

tour de contrôle
in control (of)

in charge (of)

maître de
She is very much in control (of the situation).
out of control

not under the authority or power of someone

fou, déchaîné
The brakes failed and the car went out of control
Those children are completely out of control (= wild and disobedient).
under control

bien en main
Keep your dog under control!
Everything’s under control now.

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