Übersetzung von “convert” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbconvert /kənˈvɜrt/
transitive to change sth to a new form or for a new use
transformer , convertir

to convert the attic into a bedroom
transformer le grenier en chambre

to convert a decimal number to a fraction
convertir un nombre décimal en fraction
transitive-intransitive to change from one set of beliefs to another
se convertir

In 2002 he converted to Catholicism.
En 2002, il s'est converti au catholicisme.

missionaries trying to convert people
des missionnaires tentant de convertir les gens


noun countableconvert /ˈkɒnvɜrt/
sb who has changed their beliefs
converti/-ie masculine-feminine

a convert to Islam
un converti à l'islam

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verb /kənˈvəːt/

to change from one thing into another

He has converted his house into four separate flats
This sofa converts into a bed.

to change from one religion etc to another

(se) convertir (à)
He was converted to Christianity.
convertible adjective

that may or can be converted

a convertible sofa.
convertibility noun


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