Übersetzung von “cook” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbcook /kʊk/
transitive-intransitive to prepare food with heat

Who's cooking dinner tonight?
Qui est-ce qui prépare le dîner ce soir ?

I never have time to cook.
Je n'ai jamais le temps de cuisiner.
intransitive (of food) to be heated until it is ready to eat

The potatoes take 15 minutes to cook.
Les pommes de terre mettent 15 minutes à cuire.


noun countablecook /kʊk/
sb who cooks
cuisinier/-ière masculine-feminine

a professional cook
un cuisinier professionnel

I'm not a good cook.
Je ne suis pas bon cuisinier.

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verb /kuk/

to prepare (food) or become ready by heating

(faire) cuire
She cooked the chicken
The chicken is cooking in the oven.
cooker noun

an apparatus on which food is cooked; a stove

She has an electric cooker.

an apple etc used in cooking, not for eating raw.

(pomme) à cuire
cookery noun

the art or practice of cooking food

(art de la) cuisine; de cuisine
She was taught cookery at school
(also adjective) cookery classes.
cookery-book noun

(American cook-book) a book of instructions on how to prepare and cook various dishes.

livre de cuisine
cook up

to invent or make up a false story etc

He cooked up a story about his car having broken down.

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