Übersetzung von “cool” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivecool /kul/
≠warm; slightly cold

a cool breeze/night
une brise/nuit fraîche
informal very good or fashionable
cool , branché/-ée , génial/-ale

His new phone is so cool.
Son nouveau téléphone est tellement cool/génial.

really cool people
des gens vraiment géniaux
informal calm and composed

Everybody stay cool.
Chacun reste calme.
not very friendly or encouraging

a cool reception/greeting
un accueil froid


verb cool /kul/
transitive-intransitive to become or make colder
rafraîchir , refroidir

Wait until the mixture cools.
Attendez que le mélange refroidisse.

Cool the dough in the refrigerator.
Mettez la pâte à refroidir dans le réfrigérateur.
intransitive to become less friendly or less intense
se dégrader

Our friendship has cooled in recent months.
Notre amitié s'est dégradée durant ces derniers mois.

cool down

verb phrasal cool down /ˈkul ˈdaʊn/, cool off [ ˈkul ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to become calmer
se calmer

Wait until he cools off before trying to speak to him.
Attends qu'il se soit calmé avant d'essayer de lui parler.
to become colder
(se) rafraîchir

I got in the pool to cool off.
Je suis allé dans la piscine pour me rafraîchir.

Cool the wine down in a bucket of ice water.
Mets le vin à rafraîchir dans un seau à glace.

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adjective /kuːl/

slightly cold

cool weather.

calm or not excitable

He’s very cool in a crisis.

not very friendly

He was very cool towards me.

(slang) great; terrific; fantastic

Wow, that’s really cool!
You look cool in those jeans!
coolly adverb

coolness noun

fraîcheur; froideur
cool-headed adjective

able to act calmly.

cool down

to make or become less warm

Let your food cool down a bit!

to make or become less excited or less emotional

se calmer
He was very angry but he’s cooled down now.
keep one’s cool

not to become over-excited or confused

garder son sang-froid
If you keep your cool you won’t fail.
lose one’s cool

not to keep one’s cool.

perdre son sang-froid



to become less strong

(se) refroidir
His affection for her has cooled
Her anger cooled.

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