Übersetzung von “copy” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablecopy /ˈkɒpi/ ( plural copies )
≠original; sth made to look exactly like sth else
copie feminine , reproduction feminine

a copy of a Picasso
une reproduction d'un Picasso

to make a copy of the page
faire une copie de la page
a single one of many that are exactly the same
copie feminine , exemplaire masculine

a signed copy of his latest novel
un exemplaire dédicacé de son dernier roman


verbcopy /kɒpi/ ( copies, copied )
transitive to make a copy
copier , imiter

They had copied my signature.
Ils avaient imité ma signature.

Copy the file onto disk.
Copiez ce fichier sur le disque.
transitive =mimic; to imitate what sb does

babies copying their older siblings
des bébés imitant leurs frères et sœurs aînés

Listen and copy what I say.
Ecoutez et répétez ce que je dis.
transitive-intransitive to write exactly the same words as sb else

students copying long paragraphs directly from the Internet
des étudiants recopiant de longs paragraphes directement sur Internet

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noun /ˈkopi/ (plural copies)

an imitation or reproduction

That dress is a copy of one I saw at a Paris fashion show
He made eight copies of the pamphlet on the photocopier.

a single book, newspaper etc

Can I have six copies of this dictionary, please?

written or typed material for publishing

He writes copy for advertisements.
copier noun

a photocopier.

copyright noun

(usually abbreviated to ©) the sole right to reproduce a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, and also to perform, translate, film, or record such a work.

droit d’auteur

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