Übersetzung von “corn” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncorn /kɔrn/
uncountable a plant with large yellow seeds, or these seeds used as food
maïs masculine

He was eating an ear of corn.
Il mangeait un épi de maïs.
countable a painful area of hard skin on your foot
cor masculine (au pied)

a painful corn
un cor au pied douloureux

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noun /koːn/

the seeds of cereal plants, especially (in Britain) wheat, or (in North America) maize.


(American grain) the plants themselves

a field of corn.
corn on the cob

an ear of corn (maize) that is cooked and eaten as a vegetable.

épi de maïs
corned beef

salted beef (usually cooked and canned).

cornflakes noun plural

crushed pieces of corn eaten with milk (and sugar), usually for breakfast

corn flakes
a bowl of cornflakes
a box of cornflakes.
cornflour noun

finely ground (especially maize) flour.

farine de maïs
cornflower noun

a blue-flowered plant.



noun /koːn/

a little bump of hard skin found on the foot

I have a corn on my little toe.

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