Übersetzung von “correspond” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivecorrespond /ˌkɔrəˈspɒnd, ˌkɒr-/
to be closely related or to match
correspondre à , concorder avec

What Fahrenheit temperature corresponds to 32º Celsius?
Quelle température en degrés Fahrenheit correspond à 32º Celsius?

a statement that corresponded with other witness accounts
une déclaration qui concordait avec les récits des autres témoins
formal to communicate with sb in writing

to correspond with sb
correspondre avec qqn

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verb /korəˈspond/

(with to) to be similar; to match

correspondre (à)
A bird’s wing corresponds to the arm and hand in humans.

(with with) to be in agreement with; to match.

s’accorder (avec)

to communicate by letter (with)

correspondre (avec)
Do they often correspond (with each other)?
correspondence noun

agreement; similarity or likeness.


(communication by) letters

I must deal with that (big pile of) correspondence.
correspondent noun

a person with whom one exchanges letters

He has correspondents all over the world.

a person who contributes news to a newspaper etc

He’s foreign correspondent for ‘The Times’.
corresponding adjective

similar, matching

The rainfall this month is not as high as for the corresponding month last year.
correspondence course

a course of lessons by post

cours par correspondance

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