Übersetzung von “count” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbcount /kaʊnt/
transitive to calculate the total number of sth
compter , calculer

Count the number of cookies in the jar.
Compte le nombre de gâteaux secs dans le bocal.

to count how many there are
compter/calculer combien ils sont
intransitive to say numbers in order

I can count (up) to 100.
Je sais compter jusqu'à 100.

to count down from 99 to 89
compter à rebours de 99 à 89
intransitive to be significant or important
compter , importer

Does experience count more than talent?
Est-ce que l'expérience compte/importe plus que le talent ?

My opinion doesn't seem to count.
Mon opinion ne semble pas compter.
transitive-intransitive to include sb or sth in a calculation

The $5 counts as part of your total allowance.
Les 5 $ comptent pour partie dans ton montant total d'argent de poche.

There are thirty vehicles, not counting the bicycles.
Il y a trente véhicules, sans compter les bicyclettes.
transitive-intransitive to consider sb or sth in a particular way
compter , être considéré

Does mowing the lawn count as exercise?
Est-ce que tondre la pelouse compte / est considéré comme de l'exercice ?
count yourself lucky
to feel lucky that sth bad did not happen
compte/estime-toi heureux

He should count himself lucky he didn't get killed.
Il devrait s'estimer heureux de ne pas avoir été tué.
don't count your chickens before they hatch
spoken used to tell sb not to expect a result until it is certain
ne vends/vendez pas la peau de l'ours avant de l'avoir tué

count against

verb phrasal count against [ ˈkaʊnt əˌgɛnst ]
to make sb less likely to be successful
jouer contre

The inability to speak other languages may count against you.
L'incapacité de parler d'autres langues peut jouer contre vous.

count on

verb phrasal count on [ ˈkaʊnt ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to rely or depend on sb
compter sur

I can't count on him to be here.
Je ne peux pas compter sur lui pour être présent.
to expect sth to happen
s'attendre à

I wasn't counting on this much traffic.
Je ne m'attendais pas à une telle circulation

She was counting on us doing all the hard work.
Elle s'attendait à ce que nous fassions tout le travail difficile.

count out

verb phrasal count out [ ˈkaʊnt ˈaʊt ]
to count each item as you put it down
compter un par un

She carefully counted out the pens and pencils.
Elle a minutieusement compté les crayons et les stylos un par un.

count up

verb phrasal count up [ ˈkaʊnt ˈʌp ]
to calculate the total number of sth
compter , dénombrer

It would be impossible to count up all the people who have suffered.
Il serait impossible de dénombrer tous les gens qui ont souffert.


noun countablecount /kaʊnt/
the act of counting, or the number counted
décompte masculine , calcul masculine

a count to see how many people came
un décompte/calcul pour voir combien de personnes sont venues

Hold your breath for a count of 5.
Retiens ton souffle en comptant jusqu'à 5.
a pollen/sperm/blood etc. count
un taux de pollen/sperme/sang etc.

a high pollen count
un taux élevé de pollen
each of the charges made against sb in a law court
chef masculine d'accusation

three counts of murder
trois chefs d'accusation de meurtre
( Count ) a European nobleman
comte masculine

the Count of Auvergne
le comte d'Auvergne

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noun /kaunt/

nobleman in certain countries, equal in rank to a British earl.

countess noun

the wife or widow of an earl or count.


a woman of the same rank as an earl or count in her own right.



verb /kaunt/

to name the numbers up to

Count (up to) ten.

to calculate using numbers

Count (up) the number of pages
Count how many people there are
There were six people present, not counting the chairman.

to be important or have an effect or value

What he says doesn’t count
All these essays count towards my final mark.

to consider

Count yourself lucky to be here.
countable adjective

capable of being numbered

qui peut être compté
Millionths of a second are countable only on very complicated instruments.

(negative uncountable

also count) (of a noun) capable of forming a plural and using the definite or indefinite article: Table is a count(able) noun, but milk is an uncountable noun.
counter noun

a token used in numbering or playing certain games; counters for playing ludo etc.

countless adjective

very many

Countless pebbles.
countdown noun

(used originally of a rocket) a counting backwards to check the time remaining until the beginning of an event, regarded as zero

compte à rebours
It’s five minutes to countdown.
count on

to rely on (a person or happening)

compter sur
I’m counting on you to persuade her.
out for the count

(of a boxer) still not standing after the count of ten.

être K.O.

exhausted; asleep

avoir son compte
He was out for the count for several hours after his long walk.



a charge brought against a prisoner etc

chef d’accusation
She faces three counts of theft.

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