Übersetzung von “country” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun country /ˈkʌntri/ ( plural countries )
countable an area of land with its own government and culture
pays masculine

his love for his country
Son amour pour son pays.

Chile, Peru, and other South American countries
le Chili, le Pérou et d'autres pays d'Amérique du Sud
the country
singular all the people living in a country
le pays

The entire country was in mourning.
Le pays entier était en deuil.
the country
singular rural areas, not cities
la campagne

I'd like to live out in the country.
J'aimerais vivre à la campagne.
uncountable ( country music, country and western ) a type of music from the rural U.S.
country feminine

listening to country music stations
écoutant des stations de musique country
uncountable an area where people do or like a particular activity
région feminine

farming/basketball/ski country
une région agricole / où on pratique beaucoup le basketball/ski

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noun /ˈkantri/ (plural countries)

any of the nations of the world; the land occupied by a nation

Canada is a larger country than Spain.

the people of a country

The whole country is in agreement with your views.

(usually with the) districts where there are fields, moors etc as opposed to towns and areas with many buildings

(de) campagne
a quiet holiday in the country
(also adjective) country districts.

an area or stretch of land

hilly country.
country dance

a (style of) dance in which partners are arranged in parallel lines.

danse folklorique
countryman noun (feminine countrywoman)

a person born in the same country as another

Churchill and Chamberlain were fellow countrymen.
countryside noun

country areas

the English countryside.

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