Übersetzung von “course” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable course /kɔrs, koʊrs/
a series of classes in a subject
cours masculine

I'm taking a course in computer science.
Je prends un cours d'informatique.

graduate/undergraduate courses
des cours de second/troisième cycle

a photography/journalism/computer course
un cours de photographie / de journalisme / d'informatique
; see also class
the direction of a ship or plane
route feminine , cap masculine
on/off course
sur/en dehors de son cap

to steer the ship off course
dévier le bateau de sa route
part of a meal
plat masculine

the first/second/third course
l'entrée / le deuxième/troisième plat
main course
plat principal

We had steak for our main course.
On a eu du steak en plat principal.
an area for sports
terrain masculine

a golf/race course
un terrain de golf / champ de courses
the course of sth
the way sth happens over time
le cours de qqch

to change the course of history
changer le cours de l'histoire
course of action
a choice of what to do
ligne feminine de conduite

What's the best course of action?
Quel est la meilleure ligne de conduite à adopter ?
over the course of
during a particular period
sur une période de

It happened over the course of many years.
C'est arrivé au cours de nombreuses années.
run/take its course
to progress in a usual or natural way to the end
suivre son cours

Let the recession run its course.
Laissez la récession suivre son cours.

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noun /koːs/

a series (of lectures, medicines etc)

cours, série de
I’m taking a course (of lectures) in sociology
He’s having a course of treatment for his leg.

a division or part of a meal

Now we’ve had the soup, what’s (for) the next course?

the ground over which a race is run or a game (especially golf) is played

a golf-course.

the path or direction in which something moves

the course of the Nile.

the progress or development of events

Things will run their normal course despite the strike.

a way (of action)

ligne de conduite
What’s the best course of action in the circumstances?
in the course of


au cours de
In the course of our talk, he told me about the accident.
in due course

at the appropriate or normal time

à la longue; en temps voulu
In due course, this seed will grow into a tree.
of course

naturally or obviously

bien sûr
Of course, he didn’t tell me any secrets
Of course I can swim.
off/on course

(not) heading in the right direction

hors du cap fixé; sur le bon cap
to drift off course
We’re back on course.

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