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court /kɔrt, koʊrt/, Brit lawcourt /ˈlɔˌkɔrt, -ˌkoʊrt/ noun
countable-uncountable a place where legal trials are held
cour feminine , tribunal masculine , palais de justice masculine

courts overwhelmed with cases
des tribunaux submergés de procès

He's appearing in court today.
Il comparaît devant le tribunal aujourd'hui.

a court case
un procès
take sb to court
to start legal action against sb
poursuivre qqn en justice

We took our landlord to court.
Nous avons poursuivi notre propriétaire en justice.
singular the judge and jury in a court
cour feminine

She told the court she was innocent.
Elle a dit à la cour qu'elle était innocente.
countable a sports playing area
court masculine , terrain masculine

a tennis/basketball court
un court de tennis / terrain de basket
; see also field

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noun /koːt/

a place where legal cases are heard

a magistrates’ court
the High Court.

the judges and officials of a legal court

The accused is to appear before the court on Friday.

a marked-out space for certain games

a tennis-court
a squash court.

the officials, councillors etc of a king or queen

the court of King James.

the palace of a king or queen

Hampton Court.

an open space surrounded by houses or by the parts of one house.

courtier /-tiə/ noun

a member of the court of a king or queen

courtisan, dame de la cour
He was one of King James’ courtiers.
courtly adjective

having fine manners.

courtliness noun

courtship noun

courting or wooing.

courthouse noun

a building where legal cases are held.

palais de justice
court-martial noun (plural courts-martial)

a court held by officers of the armed forces to try offences against discipline.

conseil de guerre
courtyard noun

a court or enclosed ground beside, or surrounded by, a building

the courtyard of the castle.



to try to gain (admiration etc).


to seem to be deliberately risking (disaster etc).

aller au-devant de

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