Übersetzung von “cover” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivecover /ˈkʌvər/
to put sth over

Cover the presents, so he can't see.
Recouvre les cadeaux de façon à ce qu'il ne les voie pas.

Cover her with a blanket.
Couvre-la avec une couverture.
to be on every part

a cake covered in chocolate frosting
un gâteau recouvert d'un glaçage au chocolat

mosquito bites covering her arm
des piqûres de moustiques lui couvrant le bras
=be about; to deal with a subject

The book covers the years of the Clinton administration.
Ce livre traite des années de l'administration Clinton.
(of an amount of money) to pay for the entire amount
couvrir , suffire

Will $50 cover it?
Est-ce que 50 $ suffiront ?
(of insurance policy) to state that sth will be paid for if lost or damaged

Flood damage is not covered by the insurance.
Les dégâts causés par l'inondation ne sont pas couverts par l'assurance.
(of newspaper or news program) to report on an event

None of the major networks covered the story.
Aucune des chaînes principales n'a couvert l'histoire.

cover up

verb phrasal cover up /ˈkʌvər ˈʌp/
to cover sth

I covered up the hole with a piece of wood.
J'ai recouvert le trou avec un morceau de bois.
to hide the truth

He lost the money and then tried to cover it up.
Il a perdu l'argent puis a essayé de le dissimuler.


nouncover /ˈkʌvər/
countable sth that covers sth
couverture feminine , bâche feminine , couvercle masculine

Put a cover over the boat.
Mets une bâche sur le bateau.

a cover on the container
un couvercle sur un récipient
countable the outside of a book
couverture feminine

You tore the cover.
Tu as déchiré la couverture.

the front/back cover
la couverture / quatrième de couverture
; see also hard cover
uncountable =shelter; a place where you are protected
abri masculine

They ran for cover during the bombing.
Ils ont couru pour se mettre à l'abri pendant le bombardement.
the covers
plural sheets and blankets on a bed
les couvertures

I pulled up the covers.
J'ai tiré les couvertures.

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verb /ˈkavə/

to put or spread something on, over or in front of

They covered (up) the body with a sheet
My shoes are covered in paint.

to be enough to pay for

Will 10 dollars cover your expenses?

to travel

We covered forty miles in one day.

to stretch over a length of time etc

His diary covered three years.

to protect

Are we covered by your car insurance?

to report on

assurer le reportage de
I’m covering the race for the local newspaper.

to point a gun at

tenir sous la menace (d’une arme à feu)
I had him covered.
coverage /-ridʒ/ noun

the amount of protection given by insurance

insurance coverage.

the extent of the inclusion of items in a news report etc

The TV coverage of the Olympic Games was extensive.
covering noun

My car has a covering of dirt.
cover-girl noun

a girl pictured on a magazine cover.

cover story noun

the main story in a magazine that goes with a picture on the front cover.

article de couverture
cover-up noun

an attempt to hide or conceal (something illegal or dishonest).




something that gives protection or shelter

abri, couverture
The soldiers took cover from the enemy gunfire
insurance cover.

something that hides

à la faveur de
He escaped under cover of darkness.

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