Übersetzung von “crack” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb crack /kræk/
transitive-intransitive to break without separating into pieces
(se) fêler

The mirror had cracked.
Le miroir s'était fêlé.

He dropped the vase and cracked it.
Il a fait tomber le vase et l'a fêlé.
transitive to break into pieces

She cracked the eggs into a pan.
Elle a cassé les œufs dans une poêle.
transitive to hit part of your body hard against sth

Joe cracked his head on the low ceiling.
Joe s'est cogné la tête contre le plafond bas.
intransitive to lose control because of stress

employees cracking under the pressure
des employés craquant sous la pression
intransitive (of sb's voice) to suddenly change in a way they cannot control
se briser

Her voice cracked with emotion.
Sa voix s'est brisée sous l'émotion.
transitive to solve a difficult problem
résoudre , déchiffrer

Crack the enemy's code.
Déchiffrer le code de l'ennemi.
crack a joke
to tell sb a joke
raconter une blague

Watch him cracking jokes with the kids.
Regardez-le raconter des blagues avec les enfants.
not all/everything its cracked up to be
not as good as people say it is
pas aussi bien qu'on le dit

The movie wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
Ce film n'était pas aussi bien qu'on le dit.

crack down

verb phrasalcrack down [ ˈkræk ˈdaʊn ]
to begin to strictly enforce rules or laws

police cracking down on drug dealing
la police sévissant contre le trafic de drogue
; see also crackdown

crack up

verb phrasalcrack up [ ˈkræk ˈʌp ] informal
to laugh hard or make laugh hard
(faire) éclater de rire

We were all cracking up.
Nous avons tous éclaté de rire.

You crack me up!
Tu me fais mourir de rire.


nouncrack /kræk/
countable a line where sth is breaking
fêlure feminine

a crack in the mug
une fêlure sur la tasse
countable =slit; a narrow opening between things
fente feminine

I pushed it through a crack in the floor boards.
Je l'ai glissé dans une fente entre les lattes du plancher.
open sth a crack
entrebâiller qqch

open the door/window a crack
entrebâiller la porte/fenêtre
countable a weakness in a system, organization, or relationship
faille feminine

cracks in the global economy
des failles dans l'économie mondiale
countable informal =gibe; an unkind joke or comment
moquerie feminine

He made some crack about my family.
Il s'est moqué de ma famille.
uncountable a type of pure cocaine
crack masculine

young kids on crack
de jeunes enfants accros au crack
at the crack of dawn
very early in the morning
à l'aube

He gets up at the crack of dawn every day.
Il se lève chaque jour à l'aube.
take/have a crack at
to try to do
essayer de

Let's take a crack at fixing this thing.
Essayons de réparer cette chose.

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verb /krӕk/

to (cause to) break partly without falling to pieces

(se) fêler
The window cracked down the middle.

to break (open)

He cracked the peanuts between his finger and thumb.

to make a sudden sharp sound of breaking

The twig cracked as I stepped on it.

to make (a joke)

He’s always cracking jokes.

to open (a safe) by illegal means.


to solve (a code).


to give in to torture or similar pressures

The spy finally cracked under their questioning and told them everything he knew.
cracked adjective

damaged by cracks

a cracked cup.


She must be cracked!
crackdown noun

mesures énergétiques
cracker noun

a thin crisp biscuit.


a small exploding firework


a decorated paper tube, containing paper hats etc, which gives a loud crack when pulled apart.

crackers adjective


You must be crackers to believe that!
crack a book ( crack a book)

(slang) to open a book in order to read or study

ouvrir un livre
He always gets high marks in his exams although he hardly cracks a textbook.
crack down (on)

to act firmly against

prendre des mesures énergétiques; sévir contre
The police have cracked down on drug dealers
to crack down on illegal immigration.
get cracking

to get moving quickly.

s’y mettre
have a crack (at)

to have a try at.

tenter de



a narrow opening

The door opened a crack.

a sudden sharp sound

the crack of whip.

a blow

coup (sec)
a crack on the jaw.

a joke

He made a crack about my big feet.

a very addictive drug

He died of too much crack with alcohol

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