Übersetzung von “crawl” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitive crawl /krɔl/
to go forward using your hands and knees
ramper , marcher à quatre pattes

The boy crawled under the bed to hide.
Le garçon rampa sous le lit pour se cacher.

The baby's crawling now.
Le bébé rampe / marche à quatre pattes maintenant.
(of an insect) to walk

a bug crawling up my arm
un insecte grimpant sur mon bras
to move or happen too slowly
(se) traîner , avancer au pas

traffic crawling along
la circulation avançant au pas

The day seemed to crawl by.
Le jour semblait traîner en longueur.
crawling with
filled with too many of a particular type of people
grouiller de

a movie theater crawling with teenagers
un cinéma grouillant d'adolescents


nouncrawl /krɔl/
singular a slow speed
ralenti masculine

to move at a crawl
se déplacer au ralenti
uncountable singular a swimming stroke on your front
crawl masculine

Can you do the crawl?
Sais-tu nager le crawl ?

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verb /kroːl/

to move slowly along the ground

The injured dog crawled away.

(of people) to move on hands and knees or with the front of the body on the ground

marcher à quatre pattes
The baby can’t walk yet, but she crawls everywhere.

to move slowly

se traîner
The traffic was crawling along at ten kilometres per hour.

to be covered with crawling things

grouiller (de)
His hair was crawling with lice.



a style of swimming in which the arms make alternate overarm movements

She’s better at the crawl than she is at the breaststroke.

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