Übersetzung von “credit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nouncredit /ˈkrɛdɪt/
uncountable a reputation as sb who is able to pay back money
réputation feminine de payer ses dettes

borrowers with good/bad credit
des emprunteurs qui sont / ne sont pas réputés capables de payer leurs dettes
uncountable an arrangement to pay for sth later
crédit masculine

I bought it on credit.
Je l'ai acheté à crédit.
uncountable recognition for good work
mérite masculine

They did not give him credit for his ideas.
Ils ne lui ont pas accordé le mérite de ses idées.

I do the work, and she takes the credit.
Je fais le travail et elle reçoit tous les honneurs.
countable-uncountable official recognition, expressed in points, of completion of an academic class, or these points
unité feminine d'enseignement , unité feminine de valeur , UV feminine

She will be given full credit for the class.
Elle va avoir toutes les unités de valeur pour ce cours.

a class worth three credits
un cours qui vaut trois UV
countable ≠debit; an amount of money added to a bank account
crédit masculine , avoir masculine

a record of the credits to your account
une liste des sommes créditées sur votre compte

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noun /ˈkredit/

time allowed for payment of goods etc after they have been received

We don’t give credit at this shop.

money loaned (by a bank).


trustworthiness regarding ability to pay for goods etc

Your credit is good.

(an entry on) the side of an account on which payments received are entered

Our credits are greater than our debits.

the sum of money which someone has in an account at a bank

compte créditeur
Your credit amounts to 2,014 dollars.

belief or trust

This theory is gaining credit.

(American) a certificate to show that a student has completed a course which counts towards his degree.

creditable adjective

bringing honour or respect

creditable effort.
creditably adverb

creditor noun

a person to whom a debt is owed.

credits noun plural

the list of names of the actors, producer, director etc given at the beginning or end of a film.

credit card

a card which allows the holder to buy goods etc on credit

carte de crédit
to pay by credit card.
be a credit to (someone) ( do (someone) credit)

to bring honour or respect to (someone or something)

faire honneur à
Your son is a credit to his school
Your honesty does you credit.
give (someone) credit (for something)

to acknowledge and praise (someone for a good piece of work etc)

rendre hommage (à qqn pour qqh.)
He was given credit for completing the work so quickly.
on credit

payment being made after the date of sale

à crédit
Do you sell goods on credit?
take (the) credit (for something)

to accept the praise given (for something)

s’attribuer le mérite de
I did all the work, and he took all the credit.



(with with) to think of (a person or thing) as having

attribuer à
He was credited with magical powers.

to believe (something) to be possible

Well, would you credit that!

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