Übersetzung von “creep” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitive creep /krip/ ( pt pp crept )
to move very quietly
se glisser , entrer/sortir à pas de loup / sans un bruit

He crept into the house late at night.
Il est entré dans la maison à pas de loup tard le soir.
=crawl; to move slowly

The caterpillar crept along the branch.
La chenille rampait le long de la branche.

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verb /kriːp/ (past tense past participle crept /krept/)

to move slowly, quietly or secretly

se glisser (sans bruit)
He crept into the bedroom.

to move on hands or knees or with the body close to the ground

The cat crept towards the bird.

(of plants) to grow along the ground, up a wall etc.



noun /kriːp/

(slang) a disgusting person

Leave her alone, you creep.
creeper noun

a creeping plant.

plante grimpante
creepy adjective

causing feelings of fear etc

qui donne la chair de poule
The house is rather creepy at night.
creepily adverb

à donner la chair de poule
creepiness noun

caractère effrayant
creepy-crawly noun (plural creepy-crawlies)

a small creeping insect.

bestiole (qui rampe)
creep up on

to approach slowly and stealthily

Old age creeps up on us all.
make someone’s flesh creep

to scare or horrify someone.

donner la chair de poule

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