Übersetzung von “cross” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbcross /krɔs, krɒs/
transitive-intransitive to move across

no way to cross the river
pas de moyen de traverser le fleuve

He came to the corner and started to cross.
Il vint jusqu'à l'angle et se mit à traverser.
intransitive =intersect; (of lines, roads, paths) to go across each other
se croiser

the intersection where the roads cross
l'intersection où les routes se croisent
intransitive (of an expression) to appear on sb's face for a moment
se dessiner

A look of fear crossed her face.
Une expression de peur se dessina sur son visage.
transitive (of legs) to put one over the other while sitting

He crossed his legs.
Il croisa les jambes.
transitive (of arms) to fold across the front of your body
(se) croiser

She crossed her arms.
Elle croisa les bras.
cross a/the line
to behave in a way that is beyond what is acceptable
dépasser les limites

She crossed the line when she took money without asking.
Elle a dépassé les limites quand elle a pris de l'argent sans le demander.
cross sb's mind
to have as a thought
traverser l'esprit

It didn't even cross my mind that he might be lying.
Cela ne m'a même pas traversé l'esprit qu'il pût mentir.

cross off

verb phrasal cross off [ ˈkrɔs ˈɔf, ˈɒf, ˈkrɒs ]
to make a line or a 'X' through an item on a list
barrer , rayer

I crossed several things off my to-do list
J'ai rayé plusieurs choses de ma liste de choses à faire.

cross out

verb phrasal cross out [ ˈkrɔs ˈaʊt, ˈkrɒs ]
to make a line through sth to indicate it is wrong
barrer , rayer

She wrote something and then crossed it out.
Elle a écrit quelque chose puis elle l'a barré.


noun countable cross /krɔs, krɒs/
a wooden post with a cross piece, or a representation of this as a symbol of Christianity
croix feminine

He wore a gold cross on a chain.
Il portait une croix en or sur une chaîne.
sth that combines the characteristics of two different things
hybride masculine

The bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike.
Ce vélo est un hybride entre un vélo de route et un VTT.
Brit an 'X'
croix feminine

Put a tick or cross in the box.
Mettez une coche ou une croix dans la case.


adjectivecross /krɔs, krɒs/ Brit
see annoyed

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adjective /kros/


I get very cross when I lose something.
crossly adverb

avec (mauvaise) humeur


noun /kros/ (plural crosses)

a symbol formed by two lines placed across each other, eg + or x.


two wooden beams placed thus (+), on which Christ was nailed.


the symbol of the Christian religion.


a lasting cause of suffering etc

Your rheumatism is a cross you will have to bear.

the result of breeding two varieties of animal or plant

This dog is a cross between an alsatian and a labrador.

a monument in the shape of a cross.


any of several types of medal given for bravery etc

the Victoria Cross.

going or placed across

de travers, traverse

of mixed variety

a cross-breed.
crossing noun

a place where a road etc may be crossed

a pedestrian-crossing
a level-crossing.

a journey over the sea

I was seasick as it was a very rough crossing.
crossbow noun

a medieval type of bow fixed to a shaft with a mechanism for pulling back and releasing the string.

cross-breed noun

an animal bred from two different breeds.

cross-bred adjective

crosscheck verb

to check information, calculations etc by using different sources or a different method.

cross-country adjective

across fields etc, not on roads

à travers champs
a cross-country run.
cross-country skiing noun

the sport of skiing with narrow skis across the countryside, through woods etc.

ski de fond, de randonnée
cross-examine verb

in a court of law, to test or check the previous evidence of (a witness) by questioning him.

faire subir un contre-interrogatoire (à)
cross-examination noun

cross-eyed adjective

having a squint.

qui louche
cross-fire noun

the crossing of lines of gunfire from two or more points.

feux croisés
at cross-purposes

of two or more people, confused about what they are saying or doing because of misunderstanding one another

(il y a) malentendu
I think we’re talking at cross-purposes.
cross-refer verb

to give a cross-reference (to)

renvoyer à
In this dictionary went is cross-referred to go.
cross-reference noun

a reference from one part of a book, list etc to another, eg creptsee creep.

crossroads noun singular

a place where two or more roads cross or meet

At the crossroads we’ll have to decide which road to take.
cross-section noun

(a drawing etc of) the area or surface made visible by cutting through something, eg an apple.

coupe transversale

a sample as representative of the whole

He interviewed a cross-section of the audience to get their opinion of the play.
crossword (puzzle)

a square word-puzzle in which the blanks in a pattern of blank and solid checks are to be filled with words reading across and down, the words being found from clues.

mots croisés
cross one’s fingers

to place a finger across the one next to it, for good luck.

faire une petite prière
cross out

to draw a line through

He crossed out all her mistakes.



(negative uncross) to place (two things) across each other

He sat down and crossed his legs.

to go or be placed across (each other)

se croiser
The roads cross in the centre of town.

to meet and pass

se croiser
Our letters must have crossed in the post.

to put a line across

Cross your ‘t’s’.

to make (a cheque or postal order) payable only through a bank by drawing two parallel lines across it.


to breed (something) from two different varieties

I’ve crossed two varieties of rose.

to go against the wishes of

If you cross me, you’ll regret it!

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