Übersetzung von “crush” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive crush /krʌʃ/
to press on sth with force until it is broken or destroyed
écraser , broyer

a machine for crushing stone
une machine pour broyer la pierre

He was crushed by a falling tree.
Il a été écrasé par la chute d'un arbre.
to severely defeat

Reports suggest they are crushing the rebel forces.
Les rumeurs laissent entendre qu'ils sont en train d'écraser les forces rebelles.

crush on

verb phrasal crush on [ ˈkrʌʃ ˌɒn, ˌɔn ] informal, Brit fancy [ ˈfænsi ] verb transitive
crushing on sb
attracted to sb romantically
informal qui a le béguin pour qqn

a boy who was crushing on her
un garçon qui était amoureux d'elle


noun countable crush /krʌʃ/
a feeling of romantic love
informal béguin masculine

I have a crush on him.
J'ai le béguin pour / Je suis amoureuse de lui.

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verb /kraʃ/

to squash by squeezing together etc

The car was crushed between the two trucks.

to crease

se froisser
That material crushes easily.

to defeat

He crushed the rebellion.

to push, press etc together

We (were) all crushed into the tiny room.
crushing adjective


a crushing defeat.

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