Übersetzung von “cry” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb cry /kraɪ/ ( cries, pt pp cried )
transitive-intransitive to have tears coming from your eyes

Please don't cry.
Je t'en prie, ne pleure pas.

The boy was crying for his parents.
Le garçon pleurait pour voir ses parents.
cry your eyes out
emphasizes sb is crying hard
pleurer toutes les larmes de son corps
transitive-intransitive ( cry out,) to shout

"Stop!" she cried out.
"Arrête !" cria-t-elle.

Someone was crying for help.
Quelqu'un criait à l'aide.
crying out for sth
to need sth badly
avoir un besoin criant de

Hospitals are crying out for more nurses.
Les hôpitaux ont un besoin criant d'infirmières supplémentaires.
cry wolf
to say you are in trouble when you are not, so that no one believes you when you really are in trouble
crier au loup

There’s nothing wrong – he’s just crying wolf again.
Tout va bien, il ne fait que crier au loup encore une fois.
for crying out loud
emphasizes annoyance
nom de Dieu

Hurry up, for crying out loud.
Dépêchez-vous, nom de Dieu.


noun countablecry /kraɪ/ ( plural cries )
sth expressed loudly
cri masculine

a cry of pain/fear
un cri de douleur/peur
the noise a bird or young animal makes
cri masculine

the eerie cry of a hawk
le cri effrayant du faucon
; see also far

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verb /krai/

to let tears come from the eyes; to weep

She cried when she heard of the old man’s death.

(often with out) to shout out (a loud sound)

She cried out for help.
a far cry

a long way (from)

(bien) loin de
Our modern clothes are a far cry from the animal skins worn by our ancestors.
cry off

to cancel (an engagement or agreement).



noun (plural cries)

a time of weeping

The baby had a little cry before he went to sleep.

the sound made by some animals

the cry of a wolf.

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