Übersetzung von “culture” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounculture /ˈkʌltʃər/
countable-uncountable the customs, traditions, art, and behaviors of a society or group
culture feminine

two countries with very different cultures
deux pays aux cultures très différentes

American/Western/Asian etc. culture
culture américaine/occidentale/asiatique etc.
culture shock
the difficulty of dealing with living in a new culture
choc masculine des cultures
uncountable the behaviors and beliefs of an organization
culture feminine

the intention to change the company culture
l'intention de changer la culture de l'entreprise

a culture of corruption
une culture de la corruption
uncountable the arts, literature, drama, film, etc.
culture feminine

a city full of culture
une ville pleine de culture
popular/pop culture
culture populaire

articles on pop culture and celebrities
des articles sur la culture pop et les célébrités

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noun /ˈkaltʃə/

a form or type of civilization of a certain race or nation

the Jewish culture.

improvement of the mind etc by education etc

He was an enthusiastic seeker of culture.

educated taste in art, literature, music etc

He thinks that anyone who dislikes Bach is lacking in culture.

(a) cultivated growth of bacteria etc.


the commercial rearing of fish, certain plants etc.

cultural adjective

cultured adjective

(negative uncultured) well-educated.


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