Übersetzung von “curl” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitive curl /kɜrl/
to twist or bend into the shape of a curl
(faire) boucler/friser

to curl your hair
se faire boucler/friser les cheveux

smoke curling from the chimney
la fumée s'échappant en volutes de la cheminée

curl up

verb phrasal curl up [ ˈkɜrl ˈʌp ]
to sit or lie in a curved shape
se pelotonner

I curled up on the couch with a book.
Je me suis pelotonné sur le canapé avec un livre.


noun countable curl /kɜrl/
a circular twist of hair
boucle feminine

a girl with dark curls
une fille avec des boucles foncées
sth in the shape of a curl
volute feminine , copeau masculine

a curl of chocolate on top
un copeau de chocolat sur le dessus

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verb /kəːl/

to twist or turn (especially hair) into small coils or rolls

My hair curls easily.

(sometimes with up) to move in curves; to bend or roll

The paper curled (up) at the edges.
curler noun

an object round which hair is rolled to make it curl, fastened in the hair.

curly adjective

curly hair.
curliness noun

curl up

to move or roll into a position or shape

se mettre en boule
The hedgehog curled (itself) up into a ball.



the quality of being curled

My hair has very little curl in it.

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