Übersetzung von “curse” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable curse /kɜrs/
magical words with a powerful negative effect
malédiction feminine

The witch put a curse on the old woman.
La sorcière a maudit la vieille femme.
trouble or the harmful effect of sth
calamité feminine

the curse of being smarter than all your friends
la malédiction d'être plus intelligent que tous ses amis
a swear word
juron masculine

He shouted a curse at them.
Il leur cria un juron.


verb curse /kɜrs/
intransitive to swear at

He was screaming and cursing at us.
Il criait et nous injuriait.
transitive to think or say negative things about

I cursed myself for being so stupid.
Je me suis maudit d'être aussi stupide.
transitive to say magical words to harm sb
appeler la malédiction sur

The witch had cursed her.
La sorcière l'avait maudite.

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verb /kəːs/

to wish that evil may fall upon

I curse the day that I was born!
The witch cursed him.

to use violent language; to swear

He cursed (at his own stupidity) when he dropped the hammer on his toe.
cursed with

having the misfortune to have

She’s cursed with a troublesome mother-in-law.



a thing or person which is cursed

Having to work is the curse of my life.

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