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verb cut /kʌt/ ( cutting, pt pp cut )
transitive-intransitive to divide sth or to make a mark or hole with a sharp tool

to cut the bread into slices
couper le pain en tranches

The ax cut easily through the wood.
La hache a coupé aisément le bois.

I cut off a huge chunk of chocolate.
J'ai coupé un gros morceau de chocolat.

to cut a hole in the wall
creuser un trou dans le mur.

Cut me a piece of cake.
Coupe-moi un morceau de gâteau.

to cut sth into pieces
couper quelque chose en morceaux

to cut sth in half
couper quelque chose en deux
transitive to make shorter
couper , tailler

to cut the grass
couper l'herbe

I have to get my hair cut.
Je dois me faire couper les cheveux.
transitive to injure yourself with sth sharp
se couper , s'entailler

I cut myself with the knife.
Je me suis coupé avec le couteau.

He cut his toe badly.
Il s'est gravement entaillé l'orteil.
transitive to reduce an amount or level
réduire , diminuer

to cut prices/costs/rates
réduire les prix/coûts/taux

companies forced to cut jobs
des entreprises forcées de licencier

outbreaks of the disease were cut in half
les cas déclarés de la maladie ont été diminués de moitié

We aim to cut the amount of hazardous wastes by 65%.
Nous visons à réduire le montant des déchets dangereux de 65%.
transitive-intransitive =delete to remove sth, especially words or pictures

She decided to cut the scene from the movie.
Elle a décidé de couper cette scène du film.

Use Ctrl X to cut.
Utilisez Ctrl X pour couper.
cut and paste

to cut and paste from one document to another
pour couper-coller d'un document vers un autre
=straightforward; ordinary, clear, and not complex

a cut-and-dried argument
un argument simple
cut corners
to pay less attention to quality in order to save time or money
rogner sur les coûts

If we cut corners, our customers won’t trust the quality of our products.
cut it close
informal to allow just enough time to succeed
de justesse

We made the plane, but we were cutting it close.
Nous avons attrapé l'avion mais de justesse.
cut sth short
to finish sth earlier than intended
couper court à

We had to cut the picnic short.
Nous avons dû écourter le pique-nique.
cut sb short
to interrupt sb who is talking
couper (la parole à) qqn

"I understand," he said cutting her short.
"Je comprends" dit-elle, en lui coupant la parole.

cut across

verb phrasal cut across [ ˈkʌt əˈkrɔs, əˈkrɒs ]
to go across an area instead of around it
couper à travers

kids cutting across the neighbors' lawns
des enfants coupant à travers les pelouses des voisins
to affect more than one group

a problem that cuts across classes and races
un problème qui touche toutes les classes et les races

cut back

verb phrasal cut back [ ˈkʌt ˈbæk ]
to reduce an amount or frequency

I'm trying to cut back on sugar.
J'essaie de réduire ma consommation de sucre.

They've cut my hours back at work.
Ils ont réduit mes heures au travail.

cut down

verb phrasal cut down [ ˈkʌt ˈdaʊn ]
to reduce an amount or frequency

She's cutting down on alcohol.
Elle boit moins d'alcool.

We can't cut pollution down to zero.
Nous ne pouvons réduire la pollution à zéro.
(of tree) to make it fall with a tool

They cut down all the trees.
Ils ont abattu tous les arbres.

cut off

verb phrasal cut off [ ˈkʌt ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
(of a person) to interrupt while talking
couper (la parole à) qqn

"Forget it, " she said, cutting me off.
« Laisse tomber » dit-elle, en me coupant la parole.
to stop a supply, flow, or connection

to cut off the city's water supply
couper l'alimentation de la ville en eau
to make a place impossible to reach

At high tide the island is cut off from the mainland.
A marée haute, l'île est coupée du continent

cut out

verb phrasal cut out [ ˈkʌt ˈaʊt ]
to remove a piece from sth

I cut the picture out of the magazine.
J'ai découpé cette photo dans une revue.
to stop eating sth unhealthy
arrêter de manger

I decided to cut out all red meat.
J'ai décidé d'arrêter de manger de la viande rouge.
cut it/that out
spoken used to tell sb to stop doing sth
arrête/-ez ça

Cut it out, you two. I'm tired of the arguments.
Arrêtez ça tous les deux. Je suis fatigué de ces disputes.
not be cut out for sth
not suited to do sth
***ne pas être fait/faite pour

I'm just not cut out for life in the city.
Je ne suis tout simplement pas fait pour vivre en ville.

cut up

verb phrasal cut up [ ˈkʌt ˈʌp ]
to cut into small pieces

You must cut up the baby's food.
Il faut hacher la nourriture du bébé.


noun countable cut /kʌt/
a reduction in sth
réduction feminine

a tax/price/job cut
une réduction d'impôt / de prix / d'emploi

cuts in the budget
réductions budgétaires
an injury from sth sharp
coupure feminine

a deep cut on her leg
une profonde coupure sur sa jambe
a hair cut or hair style
coupe feminine

My hair needs a cut.
Mes cheveux ont besoin d'une coupe.

a really nice cut
une coupe vraiment sympa
a hole or mark in a surface
découpe feminine

Make a two-inch cut in the material.
Fais une découpe de cinq centimètres dans le tissu.
=deletion sth cut from a piece of writing or film
coupe feminine

to make cuts to the speech
faire des coupes dans le discours
informal sb's share of an amount of money
participation feminine

Your cut is 20%.
Ta participation est de 20%.
a cut above
better than others
un cran au-dessus

Her voice is a cut above the rest.
Sa voix est un cran au-dessus du reste.

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verb /kat/ (present participle cutting, past tense past participle cut)

to make an opening in, usually with something with a sharp edge

He cut the paper with a pair of scissors.

to separate or divide by cutting

She cut a slice of bread
The child cut out the pictures
She cut up the meat into small pieces.

to make by cutting

She cut a hole in the cloth.

to shorten by cutting; to trim

couper, tondre
to cut hair
I’ll cut the grass.

to reduce

They cut my wages by ten per cent.

to remove

They cut several passages from the film.

to wound or hurt by breaking the skin (of)

I cut my hand on a piece of glass.

to divide (a pack of cards).


to stop

When the actress said the wrong words, the director ordered ‘Cut!’

to take a short route or way

couper par
He cut through/across the park on his way to the office
A van cut in in front of me on the motorway.

to meet and cross (a line or geometrical figure)

An axis cuts a circle in two places.

to stay away from (a class, lecture etc)

He cut school and went to the cinema.

(also cut dead) to ignore completely

faire semblant de ne pas voir
She cut me dead in the High Street.
cutter noun

a person or thing that cuts

tailleur/-euse; sécateur
a wood-cutter
a glass-cutter.

a type of small sailing ship.

cutting noun

a piece of plant cut off and replanted to form another plant.


an article cut out from a newspaper etc

She collects cuttings about the Royal Family.

a trench dug through a hillside etc, in which a railway, road etc is built.

cut glass

glass with ornamental patterns cut on the surface, used for drinking glasses etc.

cristal taillé

cheaper than normal

au rabais
cut-price goods
a cut-price store.
cut-throat noun
a cut above

(obviously) better than

supérieur à
He’s a cut above the average engineer.
cut and dried

fixed and definite

tout fait
cut-and-dried opinions.
cut back (cutback)

cut both ways

to affect both parts of a question, both people involved, good and bad points etc

(être) à double tranchant
That argument cuts both ways!
cut a dash

to have a smart or striking appearance

faire de l’effet
He cuts a dash in his purple suit.
cut down

to cause to fall by cutting

He has cut down the apple tree.

to reduce (an amount taken etc)

I haven’t given up smoking but I’m cutting down.
cut in

to interrupt

She cut in with a remark.
cut it fine

to allow barely enough time, money etc for something that must be done.

ne pas laisser de marge
cut no ice

to have no effect

ne faire aucun effet (sur)
This sort of flattery cuts no ice with me.
cut off

to interrupt or break a telephone connection

I was cut off in the middle of the telephone call.

to separate

They were cut off from the rest of the army.

to stop or prevent delivery of

They’ve cut off our supplies of coal.
cut one’s losses

to decide to spend no more money, effort etc on something which is proving unprofitable.

faire la part du feu
cut one’s teeth

to grow one’s first teeth

faire ses dents
The baby’s cutting his first tooth.
cut out

to stop working, sometimes because of a safety device

The engines cut out (noun cut-out).

to stop

arrêter de
I’ve cut out smoking.
cut short

to make shorter than intended

He cut short his holiday to deal with the crisis.

to cause (someone) to stop talking by interrupting them

couper la parole à
I tried to apologize but he cut me short.



the way in which something is tailored, fashioned etc

the cut of the jacket.

a piece of meat cut from an animal

a cut of beef.

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