Übersetzung von “dash” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb dash /dæʃ/
intransitive to run a short distance
se précipiter

I dashed after the bus.
J'ai couru après le bus.
transitive-intransitive to hit or cause to hit hard against
fracasser , briser

waves dashing against the rocks
des vagues se fracassant contre les rochers

He dashed the bottle to pieces.
Il brisa la bouteille en mille morceaux.


noun dash /dæʃ/
countable a small amount in cooking
liquid: goutte feminine , spice: pincée feminine

Add a dash of salt.
Ajoutez une pincée de sel.
singular an act of moving quickly for a short distance
élan masculine

I made a dash for the door.
Je me suis précipité vers la porte.
countable the symbol (-) in writing
tiret masculine

items separated by dashes
des points séparés par des tirets

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verb /dӕʃ/

to move with speed and violence

se précipiter
A squirrel dashed across the road.

to knock, throw etc violently, especially so as to break

heurter/lancer violemment
He dashed the bottle to pieces against the wall.

to bring down suddenly and violently or to make very depressed

Our hopes were dashed.
dashing adjective

smart and lively

a dashing young man
She looks very dashing in her new clothes.
dash off

to write quickly

écrire en vitesse
I dashed off an email to my brother.

to leave hastily

partir en coup de vent
She dashed off to the shops.



a small amount of something, especially liquid

whisky with a dash of soda.

(in writing) a short line (–) to show a break in a sentence etc.


energy and enthusiasm

All his activities showed the same dash and spirit.

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