Übersetzung von “date” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable date /deɪt/
a particular day shown using a number, and sometimes a month and year
date feminine

The date today is September 9th.
La date d'aujourd'hui est le 9 septembre.

What's today's date?
Quelle date sommes-nous aujourd'hui.
set a date
to decide on a date
fixer une date

Have you set a date for the party?
Avez-vous fixé une date pour la soirée ?
at a later date
in the future
à une date ultérieure

We'll make that decision at a later date.
Nous prendrons cette décision à une date ultérieure.
date of birth
the day, month, and year sb was born
date feminine de naissance
an arranged meeting, especially a romantic one
rendez-vous masculine

I have a date with Val tomorrow night.
J'ai rendez-vous avec Val demain soir.
make a date with
to arrange a non-romantic meeting
prendre rendez-vous avec

We made a date for next month.
Nous avons pris rendez-vous pour le mois prochain.
a brown sweet fruit, usually eaten dried
datte feminine

dates, figs, and other dried fruit
dattes, figues et autres fruits secs
to date
up to the present time
à ce jour , jusqu'à présent

There have been no problems to date.
A ce jour / Jusqu'à présent, il n'y a pas eu de problèmes.


verb date /deɪt/
transitive-intransitive to have a romantic relationship
sortir avec

They've been dating for a few months.
Ils sortent ensemble depuis quelques mois.

I'm dating a guy I met at school.
Je sors avec un garçon que j'ai rencontré à l'école.
transitive to write a date on

to sign and date a contract
signer et dater un contrat

a letter dated October 22nd
une lettre datée du 22 octobre

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noun /deit/

(a statement on a letter etc giving) the day of the month, the month and year

I can’t read the date on this letter.

the day and month and/or the year in which something happened or is going to happen

What is your date of birth?

an appointment or engagement, especially a social one with a member of the opposite sex

He asked her for a date.
dated adjective


The film looks very dated now.
dateline noun

a north-south line drawn on maps through the Pacific Ocean, east and west of which the date is different.

ligne de changement de date
out of date

no longer able to be (legally) used; no longer valid

Your ticket is out of date
an out-of-date directory.


This coat is out of date.
to date

up to the present time

à ce jour
This is the best competition entry we’ve received to date.
up to date

completed etc up to the present time

à jour
Is the list up to date?

modern and in touch with the latest ideas

This method is up to date / very up-to-date



(with fromor back) to belong to; to have been made, written etc at (a certain time)

dater de
Their quarrel dates back to last year.

to become obviously old-fashioned

His books haven’t dated much.


noun /deit/

the brown, sticky fruit of the date palm, a kind of tree growing in the tropics.


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