Übersetzung von “death” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noundeath /dɛθ/
countable-uncountable the end of sb's life
mort feminine , décès masculine

She lived here until her death.
Elle a vécu ici jusqu'à sa mort.

the number of deaths at the hospital
le nombre de décès à l'hôpital

a slow/sudden/violent death
une mort lente/soudaine/violente
death toll
the number of people killed in a disaster, war, etc.
nombre masculine de victimes

The death toll has reached 452.
Le nombre de victimes a atteint les 452.
uncountable the state of being dead
mort feminine

I'm not afraid of death.
Je n'ai pas peur de la mort.

victims who were beaten to death
des victimes qui ont été battues à mort

What was the cause of death?
Quelle a été la cause de la mort ?
put sb to death
to kill sb as a punishment
exécuter qqn
the death of sth
the time when sth ends
la fin de qqch

the death of privacy in the 21st century
la fin de l'intimité au 21ème siècle
be the death of sb
indicates that sth frustrates sb very much
achever qqn

Calculus will be the death of me.
Le calcul m'achèvera.
to death
=extremely; very much
à mort

Rollercoasters scare me to death.
Les montagnes russes m'ont fait mourir de peur.

bored to death
qui s'ennuie à mourir

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noun /deθ/

the act of dying

mort, décès
There have been several deaths in the town recently
Most people fear death.

something which causes one to die

Smoking too much will be the death of him.

the state of being dead

Her eyes were closed in death.
deathly adjective, adverb

as if caused by death

de mort
a deathly silence
It was deathly quiet.
death-bed noun

the bed in which a person dies.

lit de mort
death certificate

an official piece of paper signed by a doctor stating the cause of someone’s death.

acte de décès
at death’s door

on the point of dying.

à l’agonie
catch one’s death (of cold)

to get a very bad cold

attraper la mort
If you go out in that rain without a coat, you’ll catch your death (of cold).
put to death

to cause to be killed

In the old days, criminals were put to death by hanging.
to death

very greatly

à mourir
I’m sick to death of you.

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