Übersetzung von “decorate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb decorate /ˈdɛkəˌreɪt/
transitive to attach pretty things to sth

to decorate the Christmas tree
décorer le sapin de Noël

a room decorated with tiny lights
une pièce décorée de lampes minuscules
transitive-intransitive to use paint, wallpaper, objects, etc. to make a room attractive
décorer , peindre (et tapisser)

ways to decorate small rooms
des manières de décorer les petites pièces

It takes time to decorate.
Ça prend du temps de peindre et de tapisser.
transitive ( usually passive,) to give a medal to a soldier

soldiers decorated for outstanding service
des soldats décorés pour service éminent

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verb /ˈdekəreit/

to add some kind of ornament etc to (something) to make more beautiful, striking etc

We decorated the Christmas tree with glass balls.

to put paint, paper etc on the walls, ceiling and woodwork of (a room)

peindre (et tapisser)
He spent a week decorating the living room.

to give a medal or badge to (someone) as a mark of honour

He was decorated for his bravery.
decoration noun

something used to decorate

cake decorations.

the act of decorating

The decoration of the house will be a long job.
decorative /-rətiv/ adjective

ornamental or beautiful (especially if not useful)

a decorative arrangement of flowers.
decorator noun

a person who decorates rooms, houses etc

He was a painter and decorator.

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