Übersetzung von “deep” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivedeep /dip/
≠shallow; extending down a long way from the top or from a surface

a deep coal mine
une mine de charbon profonde
a measurement from the top or from a surface down

"How deep was the snow?" "About six inches deep."
"Quelle était l'épaisseur de la neige ?" "Environ quinze centimètres."
extending a long way from a surface or edge

a deep cut on his leg
une entaille profonde sur sa jambe
(of a feeling, belief) strong

a deep sense of calm
une profonde sensation de calme
(of breath) using a lot of air

Take a deep breath.
Prends une profonde inspiration.

a deep sigh
un profond soupir
(of a sound) low in pitch

his deep voice
sa voix grave
(always before noun) (of a color) dark and intense

a deep red
un rouge profond
=sound; (of sleep) not easy to wake from

She woke from a deep sleep.
Elle s'éveilla d'un profond sommeil.
complex and serious

to think deep thoughts
avoir des pensées profondes
deep in thought/conversation
very involved in thinking or talking
absorbé/-ée par ses pensées / la conversation

The two women were deep in conversation.
Les deux femmes étaient en pleine conversation.


adverbdeep /dip/
far into sth

tunnels running deep underground
des tunnels circulant à une grande profondeur sous terre

They were going deeper into the woods.
Il s'enfonçaient plus profondément dans les bois.
two/three/four etc. deep
surrounded by two, three, etc. rows or levels
sur deux/trois/quatre etc. rangs/couches

fish piled four deep in the baskets
des poissons empilés sur quatre couches dans les paniers
deep down
at the most basic or essential level
au fond

I knew deep down that she was right.
Je savais au fond / en mon for intérieur qu'elle avait raison.

(Übersetzung von “deep” aus dem GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


adjective /diːp/

going or being far down or far into

a deep lake
a deep wound.

going or being far down by a named amount

profond de
We dug a hole six feet deep.

occupied or involved to a great extent

He is deep in debt.

intense; strong

The sea is a deep blue colour
They are in a deep sleep.

low in pitch

His voice is very deep.
deepen verb

to make or become deeper

The workmen deepened the trench.

to increase

His troubles were deepening.
deeply adverb

very greatly

We are deeply grateful to you.
deepness noun

the quality of being deep.

deep-freeze noun

a type of refrigerator which freezes food quickly and can keep it for a long time.

deep-sea adjective

of, for, or in the deeper parts of the sea

deep-sea diving
deep-sea fishing.
in deep water

in difficulties or trouble

dans de beaux draps
He found himself in deep water when couldn’t pay back his debts.

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