Übersetzung von “delight” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun delight /dɪˈlaɪt/
uncountable a feeling of great pleasure
grand plaisir masculine , joie feminine

The boy grinned with delight.
Le garçon sourit de plaisir.

He took great delight in teasing the kids.
Il prenait grand plaisir à taquiner les enfants.
countable sb or sth that makes you feel delight
délice masculine , régal masculine

Your daughter is a delight to teach.
C'est un régal d'enseigner à votre fille.


verb transitive delight /dɪˈlaɪt/
to make sb feel delight
faire la joie de

The cartoons delighted the viewers.
Les dessins animés font la joie des spectateurs.

delight in

verb phrasal delight in [ dɪˈlaɪt ˌɪn ]
to get a lot of pleasure from sth, often sth unpleasant
prendre plaisir à

She seems to delight in causing problems for us.
Elle semble prendre plaisir à nous causer des problèmes.

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verb /diˈlait/

to please greatly

I was delighted by/at the news
They were delighted to accept the invitation.

to have or take great pleasure (from)

prendre plaisir à
He delights in teasing me.
delightful adjective

causing delight

a delightful person/party.
delightfully adverb


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