Übersetzung von “depend” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbdepend /dɪˈpɛnd/
depending on
indicates that sth changes according to the situation
en fonction de , selon

The color seems to change depending on the light.
La couleur semble changer en fonction de la lumière.
it/that depends
indicates that a decision may change according to the situation
ça/cela dépend

"Are you coming with us?" "It depends what my parents say."
"Est-ce que tu viens avec nous ?" "Ça dépend de ce que disent mes parents."

depend on

verb phrasal depend on [ dɪˈpɛnd ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to be influenced or changed by sth
dépendre de

The tenderness of the meat depends on the cooking time.
La tendreté de la viande dépend du temps de cuisson.
=count on; to trust to be good or work well
compter sur

a partner I can depend on
un associé sur qui je peux compter

Don't depend on that car to get you to work.
Ne compte pas sur cette voiture pour t'emmener au travail.
to need sb in order to live
être à la charge de

I have three children depending on me.
J'ai trois enfants à ma charge.

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verb /diˈpend/

(with on)

to rely on

se fierà
You can’t depend on his arriving on time.

to rely on receiving necessary (financial) support from

dépendre de
The school depends for its survival on money from the Church.

(of a future happening etc) to be decided by

dépendre de
Our success depends on everyone working hard.
dependable adjective

(negative undependable) trustworthy or reliable

digne de confiance
I know he’ll remember to get the wine – he’s very dependable.
dependant noun

a person who is kept or supported by another

personne à charge
He has five dependants to support – a wife and four children.
dependent adjective

relying on (someone etc) for (financial) support

à charge
He is totally dependent on his parents.

(of a future happening etc) to be decided by

dépendant (de)
Whether we go or not is dependent on whether we have enough money.
it/that depends ( it all depends)

what happens, is decided etc, will be affected by something else

cela dépend
I don’t know if I’ll go to the party – it all depends.
to look after one’s dependants (not dependents).to be dependent (not dependant) on one’s parents.

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