Übersetzung von “depth” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noundepth /dɛpθ/
countable-uncountable the distance down from the top or surface of sth
profondeur feminine

the depth of the wound
la profondeur de la blessure

fish that live at depths of 300 feet
des poissons qui vivent à des profondeurs de 1 000 mètres
countable-uncountable the distance from the front to back of sth
profondeur feminine

the depth of the closets
la profondeur des placards
uncountable the power or strength of a feeling
profondeur feminine , intensité feminine

the depth of her sadness
l'intensité de sa tristesse
uncountable full and detailed knowledge or ideas
profondeur feminine

The party's plan lacks depth.
Le projet du parti manque de profondeur.
in depth
looking at sth completely in all its details
en profondeur

an in depth report on the subject
un rapport approfondi sur le sujet
out of your depth
in a situation you are unable to understand
totalement dépassé/-ée

I was out of my depth in the discussion.
J'étais totalement dépassé par la discussion.

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noun /depθ/

the distance from the top downwards or from the surface inwards especially if great

Coal is mined at a depth of 1,000 m.

intensity or strength especially if great

The depth of colour in the painting is astonishing
The depth of his feeling prevented him from speaking.
depths noun plural

a part far under the surface or in the middle of something

the depths of the sea
the depths of winter.
in-depth adjective

(of a survey etc) deep and thorough

en profondeur
an in-depth report on alcoholism.
in depth

deeply and thoroughly

à fond
I have studied the subject in depth.

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